Monday, July 11, 2005

9-11 Opened The Doors To The United States To Militarily Invade The Middle East

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9-11 Opened The Doors To The United States To Militarily Invade The Middle East guest commentarist Carlos M. Pietri writes: I am about presenting some issues to you that have called much to my attention and I want to share it with you. It is clear that in these 'hallucinations' of mine, I do not have any solid proof in my hands but, if you want, you can find much written about it everywhere.

Attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers: In the "Reconstructing the Defenses of the United States: for the new century" project, the Bush administration's neo-conservative group led by Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Libby and other members of the reactionary "Project for the New American Century," affirmed that the transformation of US military capacity requires a massive increase in the military expenditure ... which could only take place after "a catastrophic and catalytic event ... a new Pearl Harbor."

  • And indeed, the 9-11 attack opened the doors to the United States to militarily invade the Middle East…

According to the "Downing Street Memo" (Sunday Times, 2005), the head of the British security, Sir Richard Dearlove, maintained that Bush already had decided to go to the war against Iraq ... "but that the intelligence and proof [against Hussein] were being made around the foreign policy."

An Osama Bin Laden videotape. Four days before of the second election of president Bush ... when some surveys claimed that the Democrat candidate had had a chance to win the elections, a videotape was conveniently presented to the American audience, showing Osama Bin Laden announcing new attacks on USA; aiming to scare the people … saying that if he (Bush) was to leave the Pentagon, retaliation against USA would continue and that Mr. Kerry was not capable fighting terrorism.

Maria Corina Machado in the White House. Some weeks ago, in the White House, Bush received Maria Corina Machado ... the main director of the SUMATE organization (which is financed by the US government with the purpose of maintaining a political chaos in Venezuela).  Bush knows that Sumate and Machado are being tried by a Venezuelan court for treason, for receiving money from a foreign country with political aims.  But what he (Bush) wants, is to maintain his maneuvers and, if for any reasons, the Venezuelan Justice system finds Maria Corina Machado and other SUMATE directors guilty, he and his mass-communication media will intensify their propaganda against Chavez ... thus justifying any intervention to the North Americans that he has targeted Venezuela for its petroleum.

The creation of a civil association that will fight the illegal crossing of the American border by Mexicans has initiated the beginning of a small war at the border of Nuevo Laredo Mexico and Laredo Texas...  Probably, Washington is paying certain groups to cause chaos at the Mexico-USA border and, by doing so, they will be a little closer to invading Mexico, if Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador becomes the new President there.

London Attack.  Now when the imperialistic governments (represented by Blair and Bush) are being rejected worldwide due to their warlike alliances (with the common project to rob the petroleum from the Middle East and of Africa). Indeed, when this group needs some motivation to stay united in their intentions of domination, four explosions ripped across central London on Thursday killing more than 50 people and injuring 700…

  • The problem that I see ... beside the atrocity of wasting some innocent lives ... with this historical coincidence is that those bombs will not debilitate the Blair-Bush imperialistic duo, much less defeat it.

I want to emphasize that it is not my intention to demean the atrocious effects on humanity caused by the explosion of the London bombs ... but evidently, it is my wish to emphasize that terrorism is not the solution, neither if this piece of work was planned by Washington or by any organization fighting the imperialism of the Bush-Blair duo.

Unfortunately, the consequences are the same ... disturbance, impotence and pain.

 The solution should be a world based in virtues as Justice, Morality, Respect for each other, Sharing, Caring, etc.

Please let us all wake up and get out of the group that plays the role of "innocent bystanders."

Carlos M. Pietri


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