Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Please Boycott Wachovia Bank

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On the 15th of August, I went into the Wachovia Bank on Main Street Danbury to cash my paycheck.  The company's payroll account is at Wachovia and this is where the check is drawn from.

I was told when cashing this check that I would need two forms of I.D.  No problem.  I provided that.  Then they wanted a thumb print on the check.  I agreed but with some hesitation.  Finally I was told that there was a $5 dollar charge to cash the check because I did not have an account there.

I informed them that this is outrageous because the company I work for has their payroll account there, so why should I be penalized for getting my own money out of their bank?

This isn't a situation where I am trying to cash a third party check, that I could more than understand, but this is a check drawn on a payroll account by one of their own customers.

One of the definitions of racketeering is the extortion of money or advantage by threat or force and this fits the situation perfectly. 

Another teller in a snotty tone piped in her two cents that "we informed everyone who has an account at this bank of the policy 2 months ago" and she continued that "if you do not like it then go to your own bank."

On hearing that, I told her that I would never do any sort of business with this bank again and I would be telling as many people I know to not do business with them either.  

If any of you reading this do business with Wachovia I strongly urge you not to do business with them until they have changed this outrageous racketeering policy.


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