Saturday, September 10, 2005

If & When?

Cmdr. of US Northern Command tells CNN "if and when the president decides to step it up" he will act by John in DC - 8/31/2005 02:53:00 PM

If and when? IF AND WHEN?

We've known about this approaching disaster for well over 5 days, we've had the disaster for well over 2 days, and the commander of the US Northern Command, an Admiral no less, is talking about "if and when" the president decides to step up his response to the hurricane?


Of course, Bush did only just get off Air Force One in DC, carrying his dog, no less, so I'm sure he's still in vacation mode. You know how it is. Funny it took him 8 hours to fly from Texas to DC, since he's only arriving here at 3pm EST. Even with the detour over New Orleans, it shouldn't have taken a jet 8 hours to fly from Texas to DC. (I say 8 hours because I assume, in the face of such a horrific crisis, the president immediately got on his plane this morning at 8am and flew back to DC.) Unless of course Bush delayed his vacation even more this morning.

This is Adm. Timothy Keating on CNN right now: As you know, as you just said, initially, principally a local law enfrocement effort. If and when the president decides to step it up and use
active duty forces, we will be, and it would be at almost certainly the request of the governor of Louisiana or Missippi... we would be able to respond with any number of options.


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