Thursday, October 20, 2005


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Wednesday 19th October 2005

By Peter Fredson

October 19, 2005

Today on the TV screen I saw a picture of Saddam Hussein in a prisoner’s dock in Iraq. There was a lot of empty space in the framework around the former dictator and I felt that other people should have been included. Was this not for crimes against humanity? Was it not for war crimes?

I feel deeply that the entire Bush cabinet of 2000-04 should be in that dock. George, Dick, Donald, Colin, and Condi with Karl and a half dozen other neoconservative warhawks should really be there.

In the past several years we have learned decisively that Saddam Hussein had posed no threat to the United States. We found out that the vaunted or fabled immense store of weapons of mass destruction had largely been destroyed, either by Saddam or by UN inspectors.

We found out there would have been no mushroom cloud, nor did Saddam have pilotless planes ready to launch against Crawford, Texas. We found out that aluminum tubes, yellow cake, biological labs and evil intentions toward the U.S. were artifacts of the joint mind of the Bush Cabinet.

We found out that Saddam was not involved in the 9/11 attack, despite all the pronouncements of George and Dick and Condi. We knew that Saddam had gassed some of his own people, was brutal with prisoners, executed anyone he felt was not completely loyal, and that his two sons were real nasty murderous individuals. We also knew that the elder Bush did good business with Saddam until the Kuwait trouble, and that the younger Bush felt he needed to complete the submission of Saddam to his imperial will. We did NOT know how George felt that his God had empowered him to fight EVIL in the world, and to start with the regime change of Saddam. But somehow George, in his egomaniacal fantasy world, feels he is above the law, does not need to heed the constitution, but that his Bible takes precedence under any conditions referring to any crusade.

We do know that the circle of cronies of George listened to the Hitlerian philosophy of Leo Strauss and that they had evolved a strategy of world domination, by aggressive and preemptive actions before George became President. We also know that a substantial circle of televangelists had decided to follow a strategy of stealth and imposition to ensure white supremacist Christianity as exemplified in several very aggressive cults.

We know that George and his cronies looked for a pretext to go to war in order to obtain bases in the Middle East from which they could exert dominance of the entire region. We know that they distorted all intelligence to their strategy, that they lied, distorted, and twisted information to obtain their ends. We all know about 9/11 because George has spoken of little else for the past 4 years. Somehow he has been able to cast himself in a heroic role, and the media has been overly compliant with his rhetoric and misinformation.

We all sympathized with the 9/11 disaster, and felt that Osama bin Laden should be caught and punished. We know that the Taliban of Afghanistan gave bin Laden unusual facilities, such as training camps for dissents against American occupations around the world. We thought it reasonable to invade Afghanistan and eradicate the training camps and teach the Taliban not to mess with the United States.

But somehow this process became subverted to malicious political ends of the neoconservatives who decided to put their domination strategy into effect. They left bin Ladin escape and from then on there was a ferocious hue and cry against Saddam.

For several months the entire Bush cabinet spread their propaganda on every media within their reach, urging invasion. Their reasons were all heavily flawed but neither Congress, (certainly not the Republicans), nor the Media questioned the Bush basis for conquest.

In order to avenge the 9/11 tragedy of 3,000 dead, Bush has killed ten times that many Muslims that had NOTHING to do with 9/11. He has also succeeded in his invasion plans, and as War President got about 2,000 of our soldiers killed for his lies. He has destroyed large parts of Iraq, smashed many homes, brutally imprisoned countless Iraqis, and ruined the infrastructure, while constantly repeating the words “Freedom and Democracy.”

Surely hubris, arrogance and egomania have gone to their extremes. Surely the Shock and Awe technique of Bush, to get one person out of office by killing thousands of innocent Iraqis must rate high among the EVIL in the world. His violation of sovereignty and the imposition of a government of his own choosing must also rank high for imperial arrogance.

His deceptive use of “Freedom and Democracy” must also rank amongst the classics of Newspeech originated by George Orwell. His exploitation of patriotism, the flag, and religion also must surely place him first in this century’s list of scoundrels. Having Condi Rice going around the world lecturing people on “Freedom and Democracy” is the most brazen misuse of language on record.

We do know that George has presented many obstacles to the defense of Saddam. We also know that he and his father had been heavily engaged with Saddam at one time, and he will try to avoid bringing this up. But most of all he will try to prevent Saddam from showing that the Bush war was based on ill-founded pretexts, on lies, on misinformation, and on sheer saber rattling.

Every effort will be made to prevent Bush, or Donald, or any neocon from even being mentioned in Saddam’s trial. They feel themselves immune from criticism, because they are doing God’s work..

Sycophants of George Bush, committed True Believers, will undoubtedly cast all this aside in disdain, for the Rapture is soon to come amongst us and they don’t want to upset God’s work. They have progressed far in their struggle to overthrow the separation of Church and State and don’t want to let a little matter of 200,000 Muslim deaths ruin their plans.

After all, it takes only one more Supreme Court judge who loves Jesus and the Bible to turn this democracy into a theocracy.


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