Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Report From The Recent 24 September Protest In DC

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Yesterday I went to the Anti-War rally in D.C. The turnout was very good, I have seen various estimates,the best I could figure was 100 to 300 thousand. The march was some 3+ miles long. I left at the beginning of the march and when I got to the end people were still forming to start the march. So go figure how many people fit into wide Washington streets packed solid for three miles.
Trains loads of New York protesters were held up at Penn Station  due to a "electrical power problem" with the trains.You will have to ask Mayor Bloomberg about that one I think.There was a long list of speakers expressing various angles of opposition to the Iraq war fiasco and also filtering in,  the response to Katrina in New Orleans. What I found most interesting was the public call through a microphone for the impeachment of Bush. About time don't you think. There were a few signs for the Impeachment of Cheney first which makes allot of sense.Probably should grab the string puller first. People I spoke to were expressing increased frustration with the lack of progress through Congress to do something about the War. Many felt that peaceful anti- war demonstrations just were not having an impact anymore.Personally I think the whole bunch should be tried for Treason and put some away somewhere, where they can't do anyone anymore harm if you get my drift.
~~~ Kevin
Below is a link to photos I took of the demonstration march


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