Wednesday, November 23, 2005

From The Alex Jones Show

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From The Alex Jones Show:

 For years I've been analysing and publicly stating the next phase of the globalist's plan. Namely, connect the right wing, militia groups, conservatives, Christians, homeschoolers, with Al-Qaeda and Iraq and a host of other unsavoury organisations. I warned repeatedly that right before the invasion of Iraq, the media would present news linking the right wing with Islamic terrorism.

As soon as Saddam is killed, as soon as they know he's dead and has no public platform, the globalists will detonate weapons and level US cities, release biologicals and create untold mayhem. I'm surer than ever that they have decided to use this particular script. Despite this, we still have a chance to back them off by circulating the information at a pace never seen before and NOW.

Why did FBI agents, who were actually serving their country, arrest five members of the Iraqi Republican Guard involved in the Oklahoma City bombing only for their release to be ordered by Bill Clinton? Why were these Iraqis, who were initially trained in the US in the eighties, brought back in by George Bush senior in the early nineties? Why did the FBI declare national security to prevent the release of the surveillance tapes that showed Iraqis crawling all over the OKC bomb scene? Because they were saving it until they were ready to move in and take out Iraq. They could have done it back in 1991 but the terrorism/police state system had to be erected beforehand. They weren't ready.

They're ready now.

This is the actual New World Order program strategy for the current phase. I don't even need to see it to know what it reads because an organisation as big as the New World Order has to set up its different cadres and compartmentalized systems. It then has to issue them orders and directives that we can read while at the same time preparing the minds of the public to focus on who the enemy is and what's going to happen. 

Analysing their propaganda along with the declassified reports we have, I know precisely what their contemporary agenda is and it's horrible. We are preparing to go into the mind blowing final phase of the New World Order takeover.

CNN Tonight with Connie Chung November 7 -

CHUNG: But what about al Qaeda? A new article in "Vanity Fair" raises the disturbing specter of al Qaeda training camps in a terrorist haven closer to the U.S. than many have imagined, right in South America, in the region where Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet, known as the Triple Border. {Note - I have researched bombings in South America and they're always against governments the CIA doesn't like) How long has American intelligence known about this? And could information from the region have prevented September 11?.....

.....CHUNG: He has dozens and dozens of photographs of men who he says are al Qaeda and Hezbollah operatives down there.

CHUNG: And did he pass this along to U.S. authorities as well?

JUNGER: He passed them along to me, and I sent them along.

CHUNG: And what did they consist of? Were they people that are now identifiable or prospective terrorists?

JUNGER: He's identified them, including American right-wing extremists who are down there, who have been down there since the mid- '80s.

CHUNG: You mean Aryan Nations?

JUNGER: Yes, Aryan Nations, Michigan Militia, photos and names of these guys. One was ex-special forces.

CHUNG: An ex-special forces?

JUNGER: Yes, Vietnam era.

That is not unheard of. There was an ex-special forces American soldier who was providing security for bin Laden in Sudan in '94, I believe it was. So, that kind of crossover from sort of alienated American military or right-wing extremists is not unheard of.

He has identified these men to me. The U.S. government, of course, is quite careful about what they confirm and don't confirm. So I haven't gotten anything back from this side. But there's an enormous amount of evidence that this activity is happening.

So let's get this straight. The Michigan Militia, white supremacists and Al-Qaeda are training together. Now if you believe that then I've got a bridge on the Moon I would like to sell you. The Michigan Militia wasn't even formed until 1994, yet they were supposedly training with terrorists ten years earlier? This is asinine. Here's the program, here's the operation right in your face.

All the phoney 'right-wing' talk show hosts are now on the air spouting the ACLU/Southern Poverty Law Center/Simon Wiesenthal Center line, that the right-wing are linked with Al-Qaeda. It's all disinformation. Now it's on CNN, do you see where this is going?

The Republican report put out by the Senate Committee in 1999 said Al-Qaeda was running the attack on the Serbs with the CIA. Of course there were 'ex-special forces' soldiers working with Al-Qaeda. Al Qaeda works for the globalists and the US government.

I told you this was coming. I was absolutely assured of it. Now they're  going to intensify these reports in order to sick Homeland Security on theAmerican people. We know how the game works. The globalists carry out the terror attacks and make sure they have right wing patsies there at the scene. They have Iraqis in their employ who they've been coddling since the eighties seen on tape, they then shelve that information and wait to release it for the next phase of their operation, total domination. That's how they get their domestic agenda rolling.

Now it's all over talk radio and breaking the print media, that Iraqis were involved in the Oklahoma bombing. I reported this over six years ago. At that time it was covered up because it was to be used at a time when it could be better exploited. That time is now. What the media won't tell you is that the Iraqis were in the custody of the federal government and released a week later.

Watch for this story to be launched full scale at the right time to propagandize the public into believing that the right wing are working with the terrorists when cities start getting vaporized. It's vital that we warn the people of what their modus operandi is. We still have a chance to back  them off and buy ourselves some time.


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