Thursday, January 18, 2007

Reverse 9-11

Going to Lidle’s plane crash, I didn’t know at first but had my doubts if this crash had illuminati/NWO hallmarks. I looked at the day, month and year and came up with this crazy coincidence or is it?
On a piece of paper write down the month, day and year of the Lidle plane crash. 10-11-06 right? Well, when you flip the numbers upside down you get 90-11-01. Remember in numerology 0’s mean nothing. Flipping the numbers is a sneaky occult habit since the mirror is used as a portal to the spirit world by most occultists. Just like the mirror in the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe and the mirror in the movie Constantine. After I did that I thought, could it be they staged the mini version of the 9/11 attacks on us and we didn’t even realize a thing?

Just flipping the numbers upside down reveal 9/11/2001 just to put it on the record. Then I thought since elite love putting 666’s in their phone numbers and addresses,  lets see if the address of this event may tell more. The plane crash happened on 72nd St in Manhattan at the apartment with the address 524 72nd St. Ok lets see 5+2+4=11, now lets take 72st, 7+2=9.  Hmmm 11-9 and you have another backwards 9/11. Oh well I guess its just coincidence.


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