Saturday, August 20, 2005

Time Out Press Release For The 26 & 29 August & 2 & 5 September 2005 Shows

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Time Out With Kevin Gallagher over the two weeks will be airing the eye opening documentary about the events of September 11 produced by The Power Hour Productions called "911 - In Plane Site."
The documentary is hosted by "The Power Hour" radio show host Dave vonKliest.
Part one will cover several anomalies at the Pentagon that day.
Part two will cover many of the anomalies of the events at the Twin Towers.
Further information about Dave vonKliest and The Power Hour Productions by calling (573) 378 - 6049 or by e-mail for any further questions.
Part one will air Friday evening, 26 August 2005 @ 8:30pm and on Monday morning, 29 August 2005 @ 11am.
Part two will air Friday, evening 2 September 2005 @ 8:30pm and Monday morning, 5 September 2005 @ 11am.
Time Out With Kevin Gallagher is pleased to bring this important documentary to the viewing pubic in Bethel, Danbury, and Ridgefield.  The documentary draws no conclusions, but allows the viewers to arrive to their own conclusions based on the evidence given.
Time Out With Kevin Gallagher has been broadcast on Comcast cable for the past 9 years.   
Time Out With Kevin Gallagher is produced and hosted by Kevin Gallagher. 


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