Sunday, September 25, 2005

From Cavuto

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 September 17, 2005

Cavuto Resurrects Pat Robertson's Call For Hugo Chavez' Assassination In Interview With President Of Colombia

Friday (September 16, 2005), Neil Cavuto aired an "exclusive" interview with President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia. Soon after the interview began, Cavuto embarrassed us all and asked Uribe if he agreed with Pat Robertson's call for the assassination of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Pat Robertson, President Bush and the other children running this country could learn a thing or two from Uribe's response, which he gave in halting, but clear English.

Cavuto: "Everyone in this country talks a lot about Venezuela. They talk about Hugo Chavez. We had a prominent preacher in this country, Pat Robertson, who had suggested maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea that this guy be assassinated. Now, he retracted those remarks later, but do you think Hugo Chavez would be better dead than alive?"

Uribe: "I am democratic in general, philosophically speaking. I am a Catholic. We need solidarity. We need to create an environment of peace in this world. Therefore, I cannot wish for someone to be killed. Never, the president of my brother country."

Cavuto: "All right, but what he was saying, that if the president of a brother country was maybe indirectly or directly arming the rebels in your country, he's not a friend, he's not a brother."

Uribe: "Columbia has the determination to defeat terrorists wherever they stay. Our diplomacy is very clear, prudence in our speeches, effectiveness in our actions. Effectiveness in results, prudence in words."

Cavuto: "Do you think he is helping FARC?"

Uribe: "There are many times I have talked to President Chavez. He has said to me he does not hide FARC."

Cavuto: "Do you believe him?"

Uribe: "I have to believe him. But let me reaffirm this; one of the main rules of my management of diplomacy is prudence in words, effectiveness in results."

Cavuto: "Do you trust him?"

Uribe: "I have to trust every democratic, democratically elected president in the world."

Cavuto: "Officials in this country, including our Secretary of State, sir, Condoleezza Rice and our president have expressed great disdain for President Chavez. Are they crazy to be so paranoid about this guy?"

Uribe: "No, I, please, we have many Colombian topics to talk about. In the middle of the problems of Colombia I have to keep my mind concentrated on these problems to find solutions. If I diverge my interest from Columbian items to other problems, we won't solve any problems in Colombia. I have to be concentrated in Colombian problems."

Cavuto: "So, you're not of the opinion he's trying to mucky-up your problems."

Uribe: "I am concentrated on how to solve Colombian problems. Imagine what difficulties Colombia faces every day. Do you imagine how worse our situation would be if the president of Colombia, instead of attending Colombian problems, would be in the attitude to get in other problems, in different problems?"

Comment: Too bad, isn't it, that Robertson's suggestion hasn't been banished forever, never to be heard again? Leave it to Fox to keep its embers burning.


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