Sunday, September 25, 2005

Speech By Hugo Chavez Highlighted By Latin American Media

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Speech By Hugo Chavez Highlighted By Latin American Media

Main Desk, Sept 16 (Prensa Latina) Latin American media highlighted on Friday a speech delivered by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez at the UN General Assembly, where he strongly criticized the international body and the US.

In Chile, La Nación daily said that the Summit, which gathered a great number of world leaders, struggled to overcome "criticism, disagreements and the much desired, but stagnant reforms."

The Venezuelan President considered exhausted the United Nations model and demanded its reestablishment, the daily added.

On its part, El Mercurio newspaper stressed that US President George W. Bush's conciliatory speech "was not able to prevent critical voices from making their way during the meeting, making the hosts' work more difficult."

El Mercurio highlighted Chavez' speech demanding an expansion of the Security Council, an improvement of working methods to increase transparency, an end of the veto and the strengthening of the role of the Secretary General.

El Mostrador daily on-line edition presented a critical assessment of the meeting, and stressed the lack of agreement on issues like the fight against hunger and poverty in the world.

In Argentina, Pagina 12 newspaper termed Chavez' speech harsh and published a full-length version of it.

It stressed that Chavez demanded a reestablishment of the UN, as he considered it "completed its life cycle due to US lack of respect for other nations."

Pagina 12 emphasized that Chavez was critical of the way the final document was prepared, as well as of policies of preventive war, reconstruction and peace.

Meanwhile, Nicaraguans La Primerisima Radio, La Nueva Rado Ya, Radio 580 and Radio Sandino broadcast Chavez' speech saying that the UN and neoliberalism have been unable to find a solution to hunger, poverty and inequalities.

Also in Nicaragua, channels 4 and 23 broadcast images of the moment when the Venezuelan leader was delivering his speech.

Commentators highlighted Chavez' courage in challenging the US for its intervention and invasions, instead of allocating resources to save the lives of thousands of people who are starving in the world.

They also praised the way Chavez rejected the document to be approved by the summit, as it was imponed by "a dictatorial blow" in violation of UN rules.

Ecuadorian media also highlighted Chavez'denounciations before the UN General Assembly plenary meeting.

Radio stations, El Comercio daily and the CRE on-line edition echoed Chavez'remark that "deep changes can only be possible by a reestablishment of the UN."

The Venezuelan leader said that the UN "is not good", while warning that, though modest, targets set at the Millenium Summit will not be achieved.

In Colombia, radio and TV news progammes, and El Espectador weekly, among others, reproduced Chavez' speech and highlihted the ovation he got on three occasions.



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