Saturday, October 15, 2005

Chavez And Bush To Meet

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 Chavez And Bush To Meet
Posted by: McQ on Friday, October 07, 2005
Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall for
this meeting?
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a frequent critic of the Bush administration, said Wednesday he is looking forward to sitting down with the American leader at a summit in Argentina next month.

Both leaders plan to attend the Summit of the Americas, and Chavez said he understood they would be seated at the same table.

"That summit is going to be really good if that gentlemen goes, if Mr. Danger goes," Chavez said in a speech.

Chavez didn't explain what he meant by "Mr. Danger," but he has frequently accused Bush of trying to oust him, including through a short-lived 2002 coup. U.S. officials strongly deny it.

Relations between Caracas and Washington have been tense, with U.S. officials expressing concern over the health of democracy in Venezuela and Chavez criticizing "imperialist" U.S. actions in places from Latin America to Iraq."Mr. Danger."

Interesting choice of a name by Chavez. If anyone is a danger to the area it's Chavez. I mean what else do you call someone who is deeply impressed by what Fidel Castro has "accomplished" in Cuba and is trying to mirror the "enlightened rule" of Robert Mugabe in his own country.

Mr. Danger indeed.


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