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Neocon Ignorance On Public Display At

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Neocon Ignorance On Public Display At

Jesse, Editor ,

October 18, 2005

I visit so that I can read the opinions of hardcore Republicans on the vital issues facing out nation. I listen to all with a hope that I can learn something. I am often stunned at the childish and rude commentary I find there. Virtually every thread breaks down into a rude name-calling, cheer-leading rant, often culminating in some homophobic insult.

I rarely find any posts on that site that would help anyone understand or become aware of something new or profound. However, I often come across new ways to dehumanize homosexuals.. In virtually every thread there is an inevitable array of unique and creative of gay bashing..

Today, I discovered a thread on that showcased the ignorance, gullibility and sheer stupidity of today’s Republicans. I really believe that the posts on this thread are classic examples of how the members of this forum are totally manipulated by liars in the media, such as one of their often-quoted heroes, Sean Hannity.

The thread describes how William Kristol, whom the freepers refer to as the editor of the Weekly Standard, reported the present bad mood in the White House. Several key posts expose the ignorance of a group of people who take a passionate position about something they know nothing about, and show how they blindly support people about whom they know even less.

Topic: Kristol: ‘Mood is Bleak’ at White House (uh-huh)

The thread:

  • Defining comment 1: “How does Kristol know? Sources? Why would anyone in the White House leak to him? He doesn’t have their best interests at heart.”
  • Defining comment 2: “So are we to assume Kristol is getting his information from junior aides? I can’t imagine anyone who really knows anything actually talking to Kristol about this.”
  • Defining comment 3: “Kristol’s mood is bleak because he’s a homo.”

It is amazing how these posts so clearly expose the complete ignorance of Republicans when it comes to their own idols! Let’s look at it more closely:

Do these posters have a clue that William Kristol is the Chairman of PNAC, The Project for a New American Century? This is the organization that boasts among its members Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle, and 6 other key players on the Bush team in 2001. Do the freepers know how close Kristol is to the major players in the White House, and the access he has to these men? Does it even dawn on them that no one would have to ‘leak’ to Kristol at all. He is an insider who knows what’s going on in the Bush WH. Do the freepers give Kristol any credit for being one of the most influential neocons in the nation, and one of the major architects of the Bush foreign policy? No way, The freepers haven’t the slightest clue.

And speaking of Republican homophobia, do the freepers know anything about RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman?

If anyone is wondering why I did not post a response to this comment, my answer is simple: I have no time to teach the unteachable. The people in this thread collectively were missing a fundamental piece of information that every Republican should have, and very, very few ever do. Any supporter of the Bush administration who is unfamiliar with Bill Kristol, PNAC and the roles of these neocons in formulating foreign policy and in waging Bush’s wars, is beyond redemption. There is not enough time in one lifetime to undo damage caused by the complicit corporate media.

Not a single person posting to this thread exhibited an iota of accuracy about or knowledge of Kristol . Not a single person posted any information that even closely identified Bill Kristol and his relationship to the White House. They had no clue as to the influence Kristol had on the current Bush policies. As a matter of fact Kristol had much more input than Bush himself, yet these so called Republicans are oblivious to the creators of the principles and policies that they so loudly hail.

These people have been regular viewers of FOX News throughout all the years of the Bush/PNAC administration. Despite all the appearances Kristol has made on FOX and other cable ‘news’ programs, none of these people has ever learned who Kristol really is. Kristol is never introduced as having any connection to the forbidden reference: PNAC. And so, these poorly informed people had no idea who he was, nor did they ever take the time to find out.

I wonder how they would react if they found out about the tell-tale “new Pearl Harbor” comment made by Kristol’s group years before 9/11? I wonder how these people would feel if they had a clue as to the true goals and visions of the people they support. These people are mindless, uninformed, unsophisticated mental midgets. They are strong in numbers, week in intellect, show no signs of the ability or willingness to think for themselves, and they are full of irrational hate based on inaccurate or unsubstantiated information.

While I am not interested in cheering for Democrats, I can say without a doubt that my 3 years covering media deception have clearly proven to me that Democrats who oppose the Bush administration know exactly why they hold their views. On the other hand my experience with Bush supporters share three common traits; blind faith, a lack of information and no curiosity whatsoever! In a nutshell, Bush haters seem to know a great deal more about the Bush administration than do Bush supporters. This speaks volumes!

Don't take my word for it - go visit them. The website is a public display of ignorance amassed to the point of being dangerous. They are a disgrace to America and they represent the failed state of our news media on whom they apparently rely for the information on which to base their views.

To learn about the REAL William Kristol, read this! LINK

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