Sunday, October 23, 2005

President Chavez To Deport US Religious Mission

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President Chavez To Deport US Religious Mission
The Venezuelan government has announced it will expel the US New Tribes religious organization as it is a true imperialist penetration. New Tribes has been working in Venezuela for 60 years.
Monday, October 17, 2005
Spero News
The Venezuelan government announced last Wednesday it will expel the US New Tribes religious organization as it is a "true imperialist penetration" said President Hugo Chavez. New Tribes has been working in Venezuela for 60 years.

The move came two months after US televangelist Pat Robertson asked the US government to physically eliminate Hugo Chavez as he was a "terrific danger to the United States."

While Robertson made a public apology and the White House spoke out against the comments made by the evangelist, the Venezuelan government proceeded to investigate all US religious missions operating in the country and at the end of August decided to not grant or renew visas for US missionaries.

According to Chavez, the religious who form part of this organization are part of the CIA and he recently said he received a report about their activities in the plains and the Orinoco that indicates that they "obtain sensitive and strategic information and exploit the Indians."

New Tribes began working in Venezuela in 1946. It currently has 160 missionaries, including Americans and indigenous who are working in 12 tribes in states like Amazonas, Apure, Bolívar and Monagas.

Its work consists of preaching, planting churches in indigenous tribes, translating the Bible into indigenous languages and developing educational, literacy and health programs and farming projects. It is based in Sanford, Florida.

Chavez, during a ceremony to commemorate the Day of Indigenous Resistance held in Barranco Yopal said he requested a report from the Ministry of Interior and Justice Jesse Chacon about the work of Fundamentalist US missionaries in the country.

"They have plants for solar energy, electricity plants, radio communication systems, they have landing strips where planes come from abroad without going through customs to areas where indigenous people live in poverty," said Chavez. His decision is irrevocable, he said.

ALC News tried to communicate via internet with New Tribes representatives in Venezuela but they were not available for comment. However, pastors consulted by ALC said the measure was abusive and that in 60 years no missionary has ever been detained for espionage. The aircraft, said the pastors who did not wish to be identified, belong to Alas de Soccoro and New Tribes pays for transport to areas where they carry out their ministry, they said.

Source: ALC News

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