Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cheney Warns Of Decades Of War

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Cheney Warns Of Decades Of War

BBC News | November 17, 2005
By Jonathan Beale
*** My Note: The neocons are getting desperate.  What worries me most about this fact is that desperate, evil people do desperate, evil things.  Look for a massive event to happen in this country over the next year to justify statements like the ones being uttered by Vile Perpertrator cheney.  With falsified intel, no WMD (which was the entire reason for this illegal, immoral war of choice to begin with), treson being committed by those in high ranking power in and around the white house, there will need to be another major distraction for the american people and the lap dog media which was beginning to wake up along with many of the american sheeple right after hurricane Katrina which was a very refreshing sign.
Also remember that bushit's poll numbers are sinking like the titanic.  He will very quickly become a liability to those republicans running for re-election in the upcoming mid-term elections in November 2006.  When his poll numbers get around the 25% mark, many of the REPS will decide to cut bait and move with articles of IMPEACHMENT for bushit, rummy, rice, chaeney and many others.  This was the reason for the shut down senate meeting about two weeks ago when the DEMS read the REPS the riot act and gave them a cold water reality shower.  This is why the senate voted 98-0 for the bushit  white house to start kissing and telling about why this country is now in Iraq when Iraq was clearly a threat to the US or even any of its adjencent neighbors. 
--- Kevin

US Vice-President Dick Cheney has said that the US must be prepared to fight the war on terror for decades.  Addressing US military personnel, he said that the only way terrorists would win was if the US lost its nerve and abandoned Iraq and the Middle East.

Mr Cheney is the latest senior member of the US administration trying to bolster support for the war in Iraq.

On Thursday, President George W Bush will once again address the issue in a major speech in Washington. 

Like other great duties in history, it will require decades of patient effort, and it will be resisted by those whose only hope for power is through the spread of violence
Dick Cheney US Vice-President 

The situation in Iraq remains the Bush administration's biggest challenge and all its senior figures have been brought out to defend the policy as public support for the war continues to slide.
Mr Cheney said that the threat of terrorism would be removed as people in Iraq and the wider Middle East took control of their own lives. 

But he added, in a direct appeal to the American people, that like other great duties in history, it would require decades of patient effort. 

'Civil war'

The vice president insisted that progress was being made in training up Iraq's own security forces, though he did not indicate how long US forces would remain.

President Bush has promised that America will stay on the offensive to prevent insurgents from disrupting next week's referendum on Iraq's new constitution.

But as the number of US military personnel killed rises towards 2,000, the grumblings are getting louder.

In a letter to President Bush, Democrat senators have warned that continuing on the same path in Iraq could lead to a full-blown civil war. 


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