Sunday, November 20, 2005

From Roy Lent On Phosphorus bombs

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Phosphorus Bombs

From Roy Lent on Anti-Pro a Costa Rican Yahoo List
Phosphorus bombs were used by both the US and British in WWII while  bombing Germany. The most famous case was the incendiary bombing of  Hamburg. Thousands of civilians took refuge in the river that runs through  Hamburg. They had phosphorus embedded in their flesh and it would stop  burning while under water. If exposed to air it would burst into flame again. The  ones with this substance in their face or head were already dead as they couldn’t  lift their head out of water to breath.

The only way to save these people, men women and children, would be to operate on patients underwater or in an inert atmosphere (no oxygen) which of course couldn’t be done for thousands floating around in the river that night. So the Civil Defense forces had to paddle around with their little boats and pistols,  putting a shot in the head of each victim, even the children! That was the only first aid available that horrible night.

US forces knew exactly what they were doing when they released this weapon on a civilian population again!


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