Saturday, October 15, 2005

One World, One God, One Justice

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As we watch the Bush administration come apart at the seams, the unspoken question is, "what next"? We will have chaos and then a new configuration.

What will the new configuration look like? The Republicans will do all they can to preserve the hegemony so carefully and wickedly built. But with scandals at the top of the House and Senate leadership, not to mention the White House, this seems unlikely.

The DNC will do its best to pick up American imperialism and carry on the program of world domination, as was done under Clinton. But with the treasury bankrupt, the military and intelligence services in disarray, and the international reputation of the US blackened, this will not be easy.

This is the time for peacemakers to preach repentance to the American people, a sober assessment of what we have allowed to be done in our name, and a pledge to stop our bullying, murderous ways. We must acknowledge that the people of Iraq, Cuba, North Korea, Iran are our neighbors, that the same standard of justice applies to all. We should join the International Criminal Court, and turn the war criminals who have destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, and terrorized the world with their gulag, over to the ICC for judgment.

Then perhaps, the rest of the world might forgive us. Then perhaps, we could take our place in the council of nations as one of many, working together to solve the global problems of climate change, radiation spread, scarcity of food and water, overpopulation, diseases. Then, perhaps there will be peace on earth.

There is only one God, the same God for all the earth's peoples. We are all one species, we all have the same deep understanding of justice- it's part of our DNA.

Psalm 9: 8But the LORD sits enthroned forever
he has set up his throne for judgment.
He judges the world with justice;
he governs the peoples with equity.

In the name of the Prince of Peace, Carol Wolman

Carol S. Wolman, MD is a psychiatrist in Northern California. A lifelong peace activist, she has written extensively on the psychology of our times. She is actively working to impeach Bush and Cheney, and invites you to print out a petition to Rep. John Conyers, asking him to proceed with formal impeachment proceedings at She also suggests you join or form a local group at


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